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Blog - South Worcestershire Development Plan

Articles published in the Malvern Gazette over the past three weeks indicate an emerging split within the Malvern Hills District Council.

The present South Worcestershire Development Plan (SWDP) makes provision for up to 700 new homes on the northern edge of Malvern, referred to locally as the Newland development.

Many people are upset about this and the targets being imposed by government, when there are not accompanying jobs, so Malvern would become more and more a dormitory suburb of Worcester and Birmingham with commuters blocking the roads at peak times of the day.

A Council Policy Group chaired by Councillor John Raine of West Malvern Ward has, at a late stage, produced an outline alternative  plan, the effect of which would be to reduce the number of new homes at Newland to 250, by building instead 100 homes on Lower Howsell allotments, 250 homes east of Mayfield Road, 150 homes at Meadow Sweet Court/Campion Drive, and up to 100 homes at Blackmore Park on the little used industrial estate. Tied in with this seems to be a plan for a possible extended distribution road running from the Countrywide Store roundabout at Malvern Link across fields coming out at Hall Green, crossing the Guarlford Road, then running across fields to join the road to the Three Counties showground near the entrance to Blackmore Park.

Papers presented at the MHDC Council meeting on 13th November 2012 strongly suggested that there was insufficient time to develop and consult on the alternative plan, which could involve ratepayers in considerable additional expense. Nevertheless District Councillors voted, against legal and special planning advice, to investigate the plan in more detail.

From March 2013, Councillors are being told that under new coalition government plans, developers could have carte blanche to build where they liked, in the absence of an approved local development plan.

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Watch the Malvern Gazette to keep abreast of developments and if you have concerns or a point of view why not tell your District Councillor(s).


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