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Sine bookmark c. 123-mcc.comThis menu lists our pages about local and social history, which are mainly about the town of Malvern in the UK, but you will also find some miscellaneous stories and biographies, many sparked from talks we have attended in retirement and chatting to friends.

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Local history (Malvern and surrounds)

Social history


Local history (Malvern and surrounds)

A short history of Malvern

The Victorian 'water cure' doctors of Great Malvern

Out and about in Malvern Link

A stroll around Great Malvern

A stroll down Abbey Road Great Malvern

A stroll down Back Lane Great Malvern

A stroll down Orchard Road Great Malvern

College Road and Townshend House

Rose Bank Gardens

Shops in Worcester Road Great Malvern

Priory Park Mansion

Great Malvern Priory and its churchyard (miscellaneous)

Great Malvern Cemetery

Great Malvern library and War Memorial

Roll of the Men of Malvern who fell in the Great War

Churches in and near Malvern (photo album)

Burial grounds in Great Malvern and surrounds

John Archer 1791-1877 (hotel keeper)

List of artists and photographers associated with Malvern

About Madresfield in Worcestershire

St Leonard's Newland churchyard and choristers' war memorial

Malvern schools then and now

Memories of The Hill School by Tony Gwynn-Jones

Malvern private schools - list transcribed from Littlebury's Trade Directory of 1873

Malvern utilities then and now

Davenham then and now

(History of a residential home for the elderly and mini-biography of Charles William Dyson Perrins)

Malvern 1902 telephone directory

The Nether Grange Estate, the Mason family and the Victorian hydros of Great Malvern

Nelson, John (a soldier of the Great War)

Past Malvern residents and visitors

Hatley St George and familes that lived there

Holly Mount mansion and families that lived there

Street directory of Graham Road, Malvern, 1911

Street directory of Graham Road, Malvern, 2016

Street directory of Priory Road, Malvern, 1911

Street directory of Priory Road, Malvern, 2018

Barnards Green, Malvern, then and now

A tour of Barnards Green shops in 2012

Social history

Companies then and now

(A brief history of some radio, TV and engineering firms)

Michie Hospital

(About a Red Cross hospital in London 1916 - 1919)

Victorian Art and Artists

(with references to the McCulloch Collection of Modern Art)

Review of books about George McCulloch and Broken Hill

(background to the McCulloch Collection of Modern Art)

Barnett Samuel Marks (Victorian painter)

James Charles Oldmeadow and his family

(About the family of a Malvern based Victorian artist)

Samuel and William Bidwell Henley

(About two Victorian artists, father and son, who visited Malvern)

The Glasgow Boys (review of a book about  a group of painters)

Farnborough Court Red Cross hospital

Wucha Jawar Camp on the North West Frontier of India

(Photos of an Indian army field battery circa 1930 - 1940)

Transcription of the Will of Major General William Henry Beckwith

Pointers to some casualties of the Great War

The Romney family of Whitestock Hall


Birley, Reverend John Lindsay (schoolmaster and organist)

Cooper, Caroline (Victorian schoolmistress)

(who started one of the first private schools for girls in Malvern)

Craddock, Stephen (mayor of Wolverhampton)

(putting a name to a Victorian photograph)

Cundell, Len (racehorse trainer)

(Tenuous link to Lester Piggot's uncle Victor Thomas Cannon Piggot who ran a betting shop in Great Malvern and lived in Hall Green)

Dunlop, Norman Gordon Edward (chartered accountant)

Duplock, Julia Marten (Victorian schoolmistress)

(a colleague of Caroline Cooper)

Dyson Perrins, Charles William (a local benefactor, see under Davenham above)

Elmslie, Edmund Wallace (architect)

Elmslie, Alice Gray (cousin of Edmund Wallace)

Farmer, Alice Kate (school mistress and councillor)

Farmer, Alice Kate (obituary)

Firth, Florence Kate (school mistress)

Flint, Amy (school mistress)

Greenslade, Isabel (a founder of Malvern Girl's College)

Grindrod, Ralph Barnes, MD (water cure doctor)

Jenkins, John Sloggett (newspaper proprietor)

Leighton, Janet (Victorian schoolmistress)

(founder of Lawnside school)

Lewis, Ethel Mary (nursing sister)

(who nursed in NZ and in WWI)

Lloyd, Revd William Edward (a blind clergyman)

MacWhirter, John (Victorian artist)

May, Norman John (photographer)

MacKenzie James (a Victorian gentleman)

McGavin, Lawrie Hugh (surgeon)

Merton, Zachary (benefactor)

Miller, George Murray (a Victorian soldier)

Morris, Charles (Victorian benefactor)

Munn, George Shaw (Rector of Madresfield)

Norman, Henry (a soldier of the Great War)

Puckle, Charles Edward Murray (a soldier of the Great War)

Quill, Ernest Jack DCM (journalist)

Sayle, Gladys (founder of Ellerslie school)

Sellar, Robert (Australian merchant)

Stevens, Matthew Thomas (newspaper proprietor)

Walker, Rev William (Victorian schoolmaster)

Yeats, George Paterson (Victorian artist)