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Garage services

Fuel can be obtained at PJ Nicholls in Pickersleigh Road, at the Texaco and BP filling stations in Malvern Link and at Morrisons on the Madford Retail Park.

You can also fill up in Upton on Severn.

We started driving in the 1960s when fuel was 5 shillings a gallon or in decimal currency about 5 pence a litre. Nowadays we are being asked to pay about 150 pence a litre. That's about 30 times as much and  indicates how much the cost of living has risen over the last fifty years.

Repairs and Servicing

There is a Ford garage, Hills Ford, in Newtown Road Malvern Link.

PJ Nicholls in Pickersleigh Road used to be a Vauxhall agent and still sell used Vauxhalls. PJ Nicholls also has a Ford dealership near Pershore station and will collect and return cars being serviced.

There are also auto repair workshops on the Spring Lane industrial estate.

There is a large Skoda dealership at Powick on the road to Worcester.

The nearest Land Rover agent is on the Hereford Road. See also our page about servicing Land Rovers by clicking the button at the top of page.

(Before we retired we used a Land Rover as a runabout)


Our Land Rovers were used for short journey's and the batteries tended to go flat. Click the link at the top of the page for suggestions on how to avoid that.

Someone in the family had a Renault Clio and the battery tended to run down almost overnight in very cold weather. Exhaustive tests revealed no fault, but we came across a 'thresd' suggesting the radio might be at fault. Unlikely we thought, but hey presto, replacing the Renault radio with one of a different make seems to have fixed the fault. If you have a similar problem this winter it might just be worth taking out the radio to see if that has any effect.


We had a spot of bother with a Discovery I. Nice car but it proved expensive to run. Then after some years it started conking out. Many vehicles will have rusted through by now, but if you are still running a V8 and having problems, click the button at the top of the page to find out about the problems we had.

Unreliable motor vehicles are, at the very least, a nuisance, and in the worst case, can put your life in danger.. If a fault persists and cannot be fixed, and you can afford to, you might want to consider either scrapping or trading in the vehicle for another.