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Past Malvern residents and visitors

This is the first draft of a miscellaneous list of noteworthy people who have either lived in or visited Malvern.

At Ashfield House, 28 College Road Malvern

Peter Mark Roget (1779-1869) MD

Qualified in medicine at Edinburgh. Best known for his Theosaurus. Died at Ashfield 1869. Buried St James, West Malvern.

Dr Benjamin Jowet (1817-1893)

Theologian. Professor of Greek and Master of Baliol College Oxford. Died at Ashfield 1893. Click to read entry on Wikipedia

Algernon Charles Swinburne (1837-1909)

Poet, playwright, and novelist. Visited Benjamin Jowett at Ashfield.

Click to read entry on Wikipedia

Sir Augustus Frederick Godson (1835-1906)

Barrister and MP for Kidderminbsetr 1886 was living at Ashfield in 1906. He was a nephew of Richard Godson.

Charlotte Ruth Tennyson D'Eyncourt (1870-1965)

Was staying at Ashfield with her mother Jane Charlotte Godson widow of Augustus Frederick Godson in 1911. She had married Edmund Charles Tennyyon D'Eyncourt. He was the first cousin once removed of the poet Alfred Lord Tennyson.

Edmund was the grandson of Rt Hon Charles Tennyson of Bayons Manor in Lincolnshire who was 'upwardly mobile' and changed hus surname to Tennyson D'Eyncourt in 1838.

Woodgate, Albert Road North

Stanley Baldwin

Stanley Baldwin future MP for Bewdley and Prime Minister, briefly stayed in Malvern in 1897 with the Artillery Volunteers. He may have stayed at Woodgate.

Sir Harry Edward Dixey MD

Woodgate was the home of medical practicioner  Sir Harry Edward Dixey.

Daphne Drake

Daphne Drake lived at Woodgate in the 1970s when she wrote the history of Malvern Link.

William Forsyth (sculptor, carver, gilder)

Drinking fountainSculptor William Forsyth was born at Kelso, Scotland about 1834, and died at Worcester in 1915.

He married Elizabeth Cobham of Upton upon Severn and settled in Worcester.

Examples of his work can be found at Great Malvern railway station, The Priory, St Ann's Well, and opposite the railway station in Malvern Link; see photo of drinking fountain opposite, on the edge of Link common.

His son Adam had a workshop in Malvern.

Williams sometimes worked with his brother James (1827 - 1907) who was also a sculptor.

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