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Ballon just clears house and lands in field opposite

17th January 2018

Addition of a Street Directory of Priory Road, Great Malvern which attempts to relate the Victorian house names to modern street numbers. You might think this was easy, but nowadays houses typically just have a street number in order to help the postman, old nameplates have disappeared, there has been some infill, and some buildings have been demolished and replaced. Not to mention that house names can change over time. Please do let us know if any corrections are needed or you can add to the history of Priory Road.

Parking in Avenue Road

In recent months congestion caused by parking in Avenue Road and side streets around Great Malvern Station has become a serious problem. Parked cars are obstructing the flow of traffic up and down Avenue Road, making it extremely difficult for cars and buses to pass, and increasing the likelyhood of an accident, particularly on the bend above the station.

The cause may be partly due to people using Great Malvern station parking all day to avoid parking charges at Malvern Link. Whatever the cause, we think Malvern Town Council and Worcester Higways need to get a grip on this for example by putting some time limited parking restrictions in place.

8th January 2018

Happy new year to all our readers and contributors.

Due to the growing number of pages about Malvern in Worcestershire, not to be confused with a suburb of Melbourne in Australia, and coinciding with the new year, we have thought it sensible to rename our home page:-

'Miscellany of Malvern'.

We have also added a 'History menu' button at the top of the Home Page so that you can jump directly to our section about Local and Social History. Everything else remains the same.

New photographs have been added, recording a little more of the town's Victorian architecture in our Stroll Down Back Lane.

A page about Priory Road, running below the Malvern Splash, is in preparation.

25th November 2017

Waitrose car park

We noted the free car parking time at Waitrose in Great Malvern has been extended from 2 hour to 3 hours; a very welcome development which should make life easier for shoppers over Christmas.

Microsoft Windows 10

Observations on apps that were not working following the v1709 update; these have since been fixed.

13th October 2017

Recent updates

Article about Great Malvern cemetery extended with more information about those buried, on page 5, including John Sloggett Jenkins who was editor of the Malvern Advertiser newpaper and Matthew Thomas Stevens who founded the Malvern Gazette.

Photo of headstone added to biography of JS Jenkins.

Page about Davenham and the Dyson Perrins and Dixey families updated.

Biography of Gladys Sayle, founder of Ellerslie school, updated with memorial to her sister Pearl in Malvern Wells cemetery.

Attribution of photo to art dealer David Croal Thomson corrected.

About burials

We looked for the memorial to water cure doctor Ralph Barnes Grindrod in St Peter's churchyard at Malvern Wells but could not find it. Do you have a photo or can you tell us exactly where to look?

The findagrave.com website was updated in early November 2017 and is much improved; you first have to add the person's name and location of the cemetery in order to create a memorial record; you can then later add photos, a transcription of the inscription and biographical information. We have registered and added Malvern Wells cemetery to the database; Great Malvern cemetery, Great Malvern Priory, and St Matthias in Malvern Link were already listed, but not so far the burial ground at Newland. If you are one of those historians who likes photographing and researching headstones, this could be a good place to leave a copy, likewise information about family graves.

1st August 2017

New page created containing more information about Parking at Waitrose.

Minor edits to page entitled A Stroll down Orchard Road

26th July 2017

Warning about parking at Waitrose Great Malvern

According to the Malvern Gazette from 27th July Waitrose are imposing a maximum two hour stay, with a 70 fine imposed by an outsourced operator if your stay is exceeded.

Previously the sign at the Watrose car park offered:

Free parking for up to 2 hours with stamped store receipt (or with disk)

Up to 3 hours 1.50; else 60p with stamped receipt

Up to 4 hours 5

Up to 5 hours 10

That friendly proportionate approach ought to have been enought to discourage long stays, but our observation has been the parking booth was rarely manned, so for some time Waitrose has chosen not to enforce their policy.

Two hours is sometimes not long enough for example if you want to do a big shop at Waitrose and then visit other shops on the high street, or the library.

If you don't like this draconian proposal you might want to consider sending the company a polite email explaining your objection, and perhaps amplify this by boycotting the Waitrose store for a few months, till management get the message that residents would prefer a more customer friendly approach!

In comparison, you can park for up to 3 hours free at Morrisons.

24th July 2017

Various minor edits to web pages:

Links to other websites updated; things change and some links had stopped working.

Biography of Gladys Sayle, founder of Ellerslie school updated - do you have a photo of her?

Section about Ellerslie school updated on Malvern Schools Then and Now, and plan of the site added.

Photographer CJ Gosvenor added to list of Malvern artists; he and his brother made a photographic record of Ellerslie school circa 1926.

Stroll down Orchard Road page tidied up and expanded. We have been told The Cedars in Orchard Road, demolished in 2013 in order to build The Revue, had once been the home of water cure Dr Leopold Stummes.

Biography of Scottish/Australian merchant Robert Sellar updated to include image of memorial plaque in Melbourne cathedral.

(Attended tour of Malvern cemetery during civic week led by Brian Iles. He is writing a book and if you want to know about notable burials he is the man to speak to. Meanwhile an additional page is in preparation which will add just a few more names to our snapshot of the cemetery.)

11th June 2017

A - Z index updated. Minor edits to page about Malvern School Then and Now including addition of Malvernhurst. Index of McCulloch collection of modern art crossed referenced to information about disposal.

13th May 2017

Menu added to connect miscellaneous pages about Victorian art. RA catalogue index of 1913 cross referenced to associated Art Journal index.Transcription added about disposal of McCulloch collection.

26th April 2017

Biography added about the Victorian painter John MacWhirter and his family.

18th April 2017

Page about Abbey Road in Great Malvern updated with new information about past residents of South Bank, Hampton House and Ellerslie. Minor edits to page about the Victorian water doctors of Great Malvern.

6th April 2017

Short biography of Rev William Walker added, who was a Victorian schoolmaster. Early in his career he was headmaster of Hanley Castle Grammar School, and later he founded a boys prep school named Connellan College at Townshend House in College Road, once the home of water cure doctor Ralph Barnes Grindrod.

24th March 2017

Short biography of Dr Ralph Barnes Grindrod added, who was a vigorous promoter of the Temperance movement, a good christian, and founded Malvern's first newspaper, the Malvern Advertiser. For a fuller account of his life you should read his excellent biography written by Janet Grierson, who lived for a time at Park View and was the sister of Cambridge historian Philip Grierson.

8th March 2017

Biography of John Sloggett Jenkins added, who was the proprietor and editor of the Malvern Advertiser newpaper from 1867 to 1900.

Malvern Hills Footpath Society added to local links.

26th February 2017

An early 'portrait of a gentleman' added to biography of Norman May, which was kindly sent to us by Steve Fox. Do please tell us if you know who the sitter is.

New link added to the History Menu pointing to our tour of Barnards Green shops in 2012. In the five years since we took the photos many businesses have changed hands, so this page has been essentially relegated to archive status.

New page added 'Barnards Green, Malvern, then and now' which complements our tour of the shops - if you want to find out more about the history of Barnards Green you are advised to contact the curator at Malvern Museum who is leading an in depth study.

Street directory of Graham Road updated, but still more to add about past residents.

Minor amendments to Family History page about baker John Brown, and new page with transcription of the obituary of his great great nephew Gordon Dunlop.

2nd February 2017

Memories of The Hill School incorporated; these were sent to us by Tony Gwynn-Jones who emigrated to Australia in 1952. Tony arrived at the school before WWII and his account includes interesting reminiscences of wartime Malvern.

3rd January 2017

We wish all our readers and contributors a very happy new year.

Minor edits to home page and update of our index to the Royal Academy catalogue of 1909 describing the McCulloch Collection of Modern Art.

2nd December 2016

First draft of modern street directory of Graham Road, with photographs, added. We have attempted to cross reference this with Stevens' street directory of 1911, but it has been hard work - do let us know if any corrections are needed or you can provide photos showing the architectural features of houses that cannot be seen from the road.

25th November 2016

Street directory of Graham Road, Malvern, added, transcribed from Stevens Directory of 1911. This reflects the order of houses in the street, and might help in locating a house that has changed its name. Many houses still stand and have retained their original name, but some have a new name, and one or two are recently built such as Hillstone House and Hillstone Mews.

19th November 2016

Biography added about MT Stevens (1866 - 1944) who founded The Malvern Gazette newspaper.

Biography of Alice Kate Farmer and Schools pages updated with new information about the location of Langland school (1901 - 1912).

13th November 2016

Biography added about Zachary Merton (1843 - 1915), a metal merchant, who attempted to improve the education of the poor in London.

5th November 2016

Biography added about George Paterson Yeats, art teacher and Victorian watercolour painter.

3rd November 2016

Family history article about 'Relatives and others in Southampton' updated; it's a rambling account, but if you are able to add to it do get in touch.

25th October 2016

Following an exhibition in Great Malvern Priory, Victorian painters Mary Brandling and Fanny Steers added to list of Malvern artists and photographers; plus examples of their work and those of George Paterson Yeats.

Information about the last days of Hillstone prep school added to page about Malvern schools then and now.

More information about Dr John Campbell Fergusson, of the Malvern Hydro, added to page about the water cure.

Blogs menu page updated, plus notes on our experience of upgrading from BT Broadband to BT Infinity; (this is a neglected area of our website and you won't find a great deal there).

Short article about Victorian metal merchant and benefactor 'Zachary Merton' in preparation. Please let us know if you can contribute either some notes on his life, activities of his trust, or a photo of him.

21st September 2016

Further amendments to page about past Malvern Schools. Pages about Great Malvern cemetery tidied up and new page 4 added including a transcription of the tribute to Rev William Grundy, headmaster of Malvern College who died in 1891 aged only 41 years.

21st August 2016

Short article added about journalist Ernest Jack Quill who was awarded the Distinguished Conduct Medal in WWII.

20th August 2016

Article about Hillstone School expanded. Do let us now if you have any photos of Hillstone or memories of the school, particularly covering the period from 1965 to 1992 when the site in Como Road closed.

9th August 2016

Story of schoolmistress Alice Kate Farmer updated, and obituary added.

6th August 2016

Page about past Malvern schools updated with addition of more photos of Southlea school; photo of the WWII Roll of Honour of the Link School, which now resides in Malvern Museum; and memories of St Nicholas School for girls in Cowleigh Road, North Malvern which closed in 1957.

Page about the water doctors of Great Malvern updated, with enlarged section about Dr Thomas Rayner who took over the water cure establishment at Park View from James Wilson MD.

Minor edits made to pages about Abbey Road (addition of photo of James Wilson's memorial); Great Malvern Cemetery; the Priory churchyard; and photographer Norman May.

31st May 2016

Recently revised pages:-

Biography of Alice Kate Farmer updated; from 1920 to 1944 she was Councillor for the Trinity Ward of the Urban District Council and eventually vice-chairman of the UDC.

Page about Malvern schools updated with information about past headmasters of the Wells House prep school, and Clarendon.

Minor changes made to the biography of Norman May, photographer.

More information about CD Walton added to page about Malvern artists and photographers.

Second page about Great Malvern cemetery amended with revised section about Victor William Price who was killed in a flying accident in WWI, and his nephew Neville Bellamy.

10th May 2016

New page added:

About Henry Norman, a soldier of the Great War, and his family

Additional material added to pages about Great Malvern Cemetery

28th April 2016

New page added:

Malvern private schools - list transcribed from Littlebury's Trade Directory of 1873

27th April 2016

New page added about schoolmistress Amy Flint who founded a girls' school named Clarendon in Cowleigh Road North Malvern about 1898. The school flourished but left Malvern and relocated to North Wales in 1948.

18th April 2016

New page added about school mistress Alice Kate Farmer who ran a school for young ladies at Langland House in Graham Road Great Malvern, before the First World War. Towards the end of WWI she was one of the founders of Malvern Women's Institute, and supported National Kitchens to help the poorly nourished.

Minor updates made to past Malvern schools, including St Nicholas prep at Cowleigh Bank. Information about Clarendon House girls' school still to add. Do let us know if you have stories or photos of closed schools.

24th March 2016

New page added containing historical information we have gathered about artists and photographers, mostly Victorian, having a connection with Malvern. Do please let us know either of any errors or if you can provide supplementary information, or photos.

Click to go to list of artists and photographers

3rd March 2016

Mini biography added about Norman John May who founded a photographic business known as Norman May's Studio in Church Street, Great Malvern in the late 1870s.

Do let us know if you can tell us more about Norman May, the evolution of the business under subsequent owners, or can provide photos that could be incorporated on the webpage.

1st  March 2016

We are immensely grateful to those who send us information so that our web pages about local and social history can either be amended or extended. In the last fortnight the history of Malvern schools past and present has been updated, with significant new information added about Southlea in Albert Road, and The Hill which was on the Worcester Road; a big thank you to Peter Gibbs and John Webb for that.

Notes on the occupancy of Tudor House after 1891 have been added to the page about the water cure; thankyou to Michele Losse for helping with that.

Images from Malvern Museum have been added to our page about Holly Mount Mansion.

The story about blind clergyman William Edward Lloyd has been updated following receipt of new information from David Scott, a former archivist at Worcester College for the Blind; more to add.

We finally finished our photographic record of the memorials in Guarlford churchyard to link to the inscriptions recorded by Cora Weaver et al circa 1990; the list of inscriptions can be found on the Guarlford Parish website.

Please do let us know if you would like your stories and photographs copied to Malvern Museum.

2nd January 2016

Article added attributing the painting of George McCulloch in the Broken Hill Art Gallery, New South Wales, thought to be by 'Manks', to the Welsh portrait painter Barnett Samuel Marks.

We wish all our readers a happy new year.

25th November 2015

Short biography added about Revd William Edward Lloyd who despite a disability became a clergyman after attending Worcester Blind College.

Details of Chesfield added to page about Victorian houses in Abbey Road.

10th November 2015

New pages added telling the story of two Victorian houses, Hatley St George in Albert Road South, which for a time was occupied by the Junior House of Malvern Girls' College, and Holly Mount Mansion where Princess Victoria stayed in 1830 when she visited Great Malvern with her mother.

4th November 2015

Page about relatives and others in Southampton extended.

25th September 2015

A link to a review of books about the art collector George McCulloch has been added to the History menu; this relates to our glimpse into the world of Victorian art.

A panorama of Great Malvern has been added, and minor edits made, to our page about the history of the Malverns.

The page about the Victorian water cure has been updated with a little more information about the family of Dr James Wilson, and the history menu tidied.

Those interested in DIY may be interested to know a branch of Screwfix has opened in Betony Road, off Townsend Way in Malvern Link. Both Screwfix and B&Q in Spring Lane are part of the Kingfisher group.

Business people and those travelling a long distance to events at the Three Counties Showground, who sometimes find local hotels full, may be interested to know that a Premier Inn has opened on the edge of the Trading Estate. There is also a Premier Inn in Worcester next to the cricket ground.

5th July 2015

Biography added about Rev John Lindsay Birley a schoolmaster and organist who died in Germany in 2003.

Minor updates to page about Priory Park Mansion.

15th June 2015

Biography added about Gladys Sayle who founded Ellerslie school for girls in Abbey Road, Great Malvern, after the First World War.

3rd June 2015

Biography added about Isabel Greenslade a founder of Malvern Girls' College, with additional information about her family background and early business associates, Lily Poulton, Blanche Mitchell and Kate Dawson.

Biography added about Florence Kate Firth who followed on from Janet Leighton as Principal of Lawnside School.

16th May 2015

Noticeboard updated.

Page about past Malvern schools updated and biographies added about Victorian school teachers Caroline Cooper, Julia Marten Duplock and Janet Leighton.

Two pages about buildings in Abbey Road updated.

18th March 2015

Short story added about the Malvern based Victorian painter James Charles Oldmeadow and his family.

8th March 2015

Short story added about the family of British painter George Romney (1734 - 1802). Two of his great grandchildren died at Malvern, one of whom is buried in Great Malvern cemetery, whilst another Eliza Jane Romney lived in the town for 30 years or more.

1st March 2015

Officially the start of Spring in the UK. Though it will probably be a week or two before we see many fresh shoots in gardens here in Malvern. However we have been told there is already a good show of spring flowers in the churchyard at Birlingham near Defford.

On Sunday 15th March there will be an opportunity to explore the gardens of Madresfield Court; see noticeboard for details.

Some more photos have been added to the story of the Michie Hospital, and a transcription made of The Times newspaper report about the sale of the McCulloch collection of modern art in 1913.

29th January 2015

Many thanks to the people who have been in touch about the history of the area and have in some cases provided photographs; we greatly appreciate that. In consequence we have been able to update the following pages:

Page about Malvern schools amended with more information about, for example, the history of Douglas House and Ellerslie.

Pages about Abbey Road and Wells Road updated with more information about Ashfield, Ellerslie, Hampton House, Cherbourg, Southlands and some of the people that lived there.

Story of Priory Park Mansion amended.

Information about 'Priors Mount' which once stood in Priory Road added to the page about College Road; during WWII it was the Officers Mess for HMS Duke.

Information about Hugh Bayfield Spear added towards end of the page Roll of the men of Malvern who fell in the Great War

20th November 2014

So many people died or were injured in the Great War. Families in all cities, towns and most, if not all, villages were affected. You will see we have been gathering information about some of the memorials in Malvern (UK) and in a few cases attempted to provide more information about casualties where little has been known. You are welcome to use this, but please check we have got the story right, and do let us know if you can provide further information.

Page added about the family of John Nelson, a casualty of the Great War.

Page about Great Malvern cemetery continued to a second page, including some notes about the Commonwealth War Graves -

Page added with a menu of links pointing to pages on this website which mention a casualty of war etc.

13th October 2014

New local history page added about the Nether Grange Estate

Page about Great Malvern Priory, war memorial and churchyard updated

4th October 2014

Page about Great Malvern library and War Memorial updated and new page added listing the Men of Malvern who fell in the Great War

7th August 2014

Putting a name to an old photograph; about Stephen Craddock who for one year was Mayor of Wolverhampton. Two of his nephews died in the Great War.

Details of war memorial plaques in St Mary added to page about Madresfield.

Burial date added to page about nurse Ethel Mary Lewis who served in the Great War.

(We were told about 457 old boys of Malvern College died in the Great War. Many being officers, that suggests the casualty rate was very high. Do you know what percentage of those that fought were killed?)

27th July 2014

Page added about St Leonard's Newland churchyard and choristers' war memorial.

15th July 2014

Addition of a short biography telling the story of the life and times of the Reverend George Shaw Munn, a clergyman of the Church of England, who was Rector of Madresfield in Worcestershire for 49 years, from 1856 to 1905.

5th July 2014

Addition of a book review, about a group of Victorian painters who became known as The Glasgow Boys.

29th June 2014

Two mini biographies added to history index,

Robert Sellar (Australian merchant)

Charles Edward Murray Puckle (a soldier of the Great War)

Little previously has been written about Robert Sellar who was the business partner of Victorian Australian politician Sir James McCulloch. Charles Murray Puckle was one of the last partners of the Melbourne firm McCulloch Sellar and Company. His eldest son was killed at Gallipoli and we thought it appropriate also to write a few words about him, on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the start of the Great War.

13th May 2014

Photographs of war memorial and other monuments added to local history page about Great Malvern Priory and its Churchyard

Photos of Madford retail park, near Malvern Link, added to,

A short history of Malvern

11th April 2014

Addition of town walk illustrating more examples of Victorian architecture,

A stroll down Orchard Road

Addition of another family history story

James McCulloch (junior)

11th February 2014

Additions to miscellaneous pages about Victorian art (see index) and cosmetic updating of some of the HTML tags; both work in progress.

14th December 2013

Hospital visits and convalescence reduced our activities this year, but we are on the mend and hope to be out and about more in 2014.

Minor changes have been made to the pages mentioned below and a new page created showing some Victorian photographs of men and women who may have been painters (we don't know who many of them are, but can you help identify them):-

Local and social history menu

Lest we forget

Churches in and near Malvern

Handy household tips

Family History - John Brown

Victorian art and artists

The A to Z index was last amended in February 2013 and we hope to update shortly.

13th September 2013

Over the summer we completed several articles which had lain half finished for a while:-

Addition of local history page about Great Malvern Cemetery

Addition of local history page about the Victorian water cure doctors of Great Malvern

Addition of page about Great Malvern Priory and its churchyard which is not an in depth article, but contains miscellaneous information we have collected.

Addition of page about Edmund Wallace Elmslie the architect who designed Great Malvern Railway station and the Imperial Hotel. The article also mentions Dr Archibald Weir a Victorian physician and surgeon.

Addition of a transcription of the Will of Major General William Henry Beckwith whose daughters are buried in Guarlford churchyard. You can find out more about the Beckwith sisters and their family on the Guarlford website.

23rd June 2013

Addition of local history page about John Archer who was a hotel keeper during the years when the Water Cure was at its peak.

14th April 2013

Addition of local history page about Priory Park Mansion

Addition of local history page about College Road and Townshend House

5th March 2013

Page added,

About Charles Morris a Victorian benefactor and Holy Trinity church

Pages updated,

Photo album of local churches

The story of a house named Davenham and Charles William Dyson Perrins.

The history of Farnborough Court in Hampshire

22nd February 2013

Revision of pages about Malvern Link and Abbey Road.

Addition of biography of Ethel Mary Lewis latterly of Malvern Link who was a district nurse and was awarded medals for her service during WWI.

18th February 2013

Recent pages added,

History of Farnborough Court in Hampshire

Photo album showing churches in Malvern

3rd February 2013

Addition of new 'history' page telling the story of surgeon Lawrie Hugh McGavin who worked at the Michie Hospital, and the 'Farnborough Court' Red Cross Hospital during WWI.

30th January 2013

Addition of new page briefl;y telling the story of the Michie Hospital, which was just one of many establishments set up to treat the casualties of the Great War.

21st January 2013

Addition of new web page A stroll down Abbey Road Great Malvern with some local history and photos showing examples of nineteenth century architecture.

15th January 2013

Addition of new web page Out and about in Malvern Link containing photos of some buildings in Malvern Link and their history.

3rd January 2013

Recent additions to photo gallery pages,

Rose Bank Gardens

Shops in Worcester Road Great Malvern

Malvern Community Hospital

Other changes,

Amendments to page about Davenham and Charles William Dyson Perrins.

Artwork added to local history menu, companies then and now, and menu for other resources

29th December 2012

Birth of our first grandson 'Ryo' in Tokyo

21st November 2012

New album added to Photo Gallery with photos of Wucha Jawar Camp which was on the North West Frontier of India near Peshawar circa 1940. There is also a link from our history page and the A-Z index.

16th November 2012

New page added to Other_Resources named Who is Who with links to help find Malvern Councillors.

Blog page created with update on South Worcestershire Development Plan

Davenham page about CW Dyson Perrins updated

Malvern schools then and now page updated

1902 Malvern telephone directory page amended

31st October 2012

New history page added telling story of what happened to some radio, TV and engineering companies. Click to view Companies then and now The year 2012 marks 90 years since the first BBC radio broadcast in 1922.

23rd October 2012

Page about the history of Daveham (a residential home for the elderly) updated following the open day which we attended on 20th October 2012.

Book review page added about John Dixon's new book 'The Churches and Chapels of Malvern'

New page added about the village of Madresfield which lies to the east of Malvern Hills.

8th October 2012

Addition of new history page,  transcription of Malvern 1902 telephone directory

Amendments to history page Malvern schools then and now

5th October 2012

Addition of a local/social history page about the development of the utility services such as gas electricity and water in Great Malvern. Click the link below to view.

Social history - public utilities then and now

17th August 2012

Addition of locaal history page about Malvern schools then and now

10th July 2012

Recent additions to photo gallery:-

Newland fete and St Leonard's church

Stokes Bay near Gosport

Land rover button changed to Motoring on all navigation bars, and site map and index brought up to date.

30th May 2012

Recent pages added

A tour of Barnards Green shops

Owning an English Setter

10th April 2012

Addition of a new family history page Relatives and others in Southampton

4th April 2012

Short history of Malvern page updated. Land Rover button on the Home page replaced by Motoring button. Directions to the old LDS family search page added to links. Guide to researching family history updated.

18th March 2012

Guarlford Grange deleted from list of guest houses - it is now a private residence.

New page added - our observations on the  philosophy of religion

On Monday 12th March there was a road traffic accident on the Guarlford Road near the Green Dragon. No further information available at present.

7th October 2011

Changes to website

Will transcriptions and UKBMD added to Links page. Details of open day to find out more about draft local development plan added to notice-board. Family history guide updated.

6th October 2011

Theft of Guarlford Church Bell

Thieves stole the church bell from St Mary's, Guarlford, during the night of Thursday 6th and Friday 7th October. The bell had safely hung in a Hornbeam tree in the churchyard for nearly a century after the turret on the church roof was removed for structural reasons. The thieves cut the cable to the security lamp and tyre tracks suggest a heavy vehicle was involved.

Identification: the bell which weighs about 200 Kg is marked at the top M&S.CO and in the middle 'RECAST- 1926'.

The bell had also been marked with 'smart water' to aid identification.

The thieves had returned after being disturbed the previous night. 

Anyone with information should contact West Mercia Police on Tel 0300 333 3000

17th July 2011

Family history - main menu page updated.

Will of Henry Evans of Greenhill Lane, died 1864, added

11th July 2011

Web pages for visitors to Quothquan and Biggar in Scotland updated.

Click this link to go to Quothquan Home Page.

10th June 2011

Obituary of James McCulloch (1797 - 1849) added to family history pages (see index).

6th June 2011

Family tree of John Brown updated. John and his brothers Archibald and Niven ran family baker shops in Greenock, Kilmacolm, and Ayr, Scotland

4th April 2011

Addition of A - Z Index page entered by clicking 'Index' button on right hand side of Home page navigation bar.

11th March 2011

We awoke to the first reports of the earthquake in Japan coming through on BBC radio.

Click here for a report from Tokyo

1st January 2011

Unusually we had a white Christmas. The snow in Malvern first fell on the 17th December and remained until the thaw began on 28th. The weather was much colder than average with the lowest recorded temperature being minus 15 deg C. Fortunately the main roads were kept clear, but there was plenty of ice on side roads to catch the unwary.

12th December 2010

Link added to History page about Len Cundell who was a well known racehorse trainer in the 1930s. His story is told in a new book by his daughter Jane McKee.

5th November 2010

Minor updates to, links, eating out, and list of businesses; reference added at end of guide to researching your  family history.

25th September 2010

Section about 'eyesight' added to 'Ergonomics for users of computers' page (for the benefit of those with slightly impaired vision).

Minor changes made to Land Rover pages

5th July 2010

Recent updates to the web pages

Addition of new Eating Out page

Update of Lest We Forget page

Addition of Genealogy Relationship Chart

Population of List of Local Businesses

Addition of List of Active Churches in Malvern

Book review - History of the non-conformist churches in Malvern

22nd May 2010

A Virgin hot-air balloon with large gondola  slung below just misses high voltage cables and clears houses before landing in field opposite.

14th Feb 2010

Link to images of Malvern library and war memorial added to photo gallery

9th Feb 2010

Recent updates to the web pages

Roots page amended (about family history)

Photo Gallery pages amended

Link added to Other Resources page

16 Jan 2010

Links added to Other Resources page.

The snow which arrived on 5th January finally melts

26th December 2009

Beginning of icy weather.

Vauxhall Omega skids and crashes into the Gualrford pond railings; this time the railings break spearing into the engine bay. It's only a fortnight or so since the railings were repaired following a car traveling from Malvern ploughing through the railings.

20 Sep 2009

Battle of Britain Sunday

A moving service  was held at Lansdowne Methodist church where we met to recall that in 1940 the RAF against all odds defended this country, and many gave their lives so that we can live and worship in freedom.

19 Sep 2009

Attack by dangerous dog

Account of attack by Staffordshire bull terrier added to other resources/blogs

17 Sep 2009

Car crash

There was another collision at the junction of Chance Lane with the main Guarlford road at 4:30 pm. Police, fire, and ambulance vehicles were in attendance and the main road was closed for about half an hour.

Click for photo of aftermath of collision.

11 Sep 2009

List of family killed or injured in conflicts added to other resources/roots

6 Sep 2009

First Quothquan web pages drafted, see 123-mcc.com/quothquan/index.htm

26 Aug 2009

New navigation bar added to web pages.

11th Sep 2008

Addition of Bangor reunion photographs; menu accessed from Photo Gallery page.

Landrover Discovery unreliability reference page added to resources.

15th Jun 2008

Safety in the home and car battery tips added to resources page. Navigation bar added to Notice-board  to enable a search for local events and to view items for sale on Malvern Gazette Exchange and Mart site.

Titles added to menu and home page links;  fade transition added.

15th May 2008

Health & Safety, Landrover Servicing, and Working with Computers added to Resources page

16th Sep 2007

Web pages rearranged to permit future expansion.

30th Jun 2007

We had a wonderful party to celebrate Stuart and Hayfa's marriage last year in  Penang.

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